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Web Based Property Management  Leaseholder & Freeholder

The maintenance (service charge) account exists both for the building (general maintenance account) and also for each flat (individual maintenance account).

Each of these reads like a bank statement (see attached) so that one an clearly see what has been spent and also what balance remains. Also it is clear what a leaseholder has paid for, and what percentage he/she has paid. Often the basement flat does not contribute to expenditure above (in the hallways) or the ground floor flat may not pay towards lift maintenance, etc.

Since Leasantium is on-line, the leaseholder, the freeholder and the managing agent can access and read the accounts at any time – just as with a bank account. No need to call the agent or freeholder,

End of Year accounts, both for the building and for each flat, are done instantly by Leasantium at the click of a button. The agent/freeholder does not need to do anything at all.

After keying in the projected expenses for the next year (cleaning, gardening, electricity in hallways, buildings insurance etc), Leasantium will immediately calculate the service charge to be collected for each flat, produce the ground rent and service charge invoices, and e-mail them to each leaseholder. All the freeholder/agent has to do is to click a button.

Reminders are automatically sent to leaseholders who have not paid without the freeholder/agent having to do anything.

Reports (e.g. arrears lists) are accessible at any time at the click of a button.

If you are interested please call (leave a message on Voicemail if there is no answer) or send a brief mail saying when you can talk. We will then call you at a convenient time.


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